Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Wows and Vows! No matter where you are, make sure you take time to hug and kiss your spouse today. Christmas is about realizing how blessed you are and taking time to recognize those blessings.

This Christmas season has me reflecting quite a bit because, to be honest, I am having a very hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. I think that is why I am sitting down and writing a post while I am at my in-laws’ house. I use to dream that after marriage, my husband and I would have an intimate Christmas Eve then have family over on Christmas Day, and that image still remains a dream. Instead, we spend two weeks on the road and go to three different states. We have never spent Christmas Eve with my parents. Because we are on the road, I don’t get to make as many baked goods as I would like. (I foolishly filled my Pinterest board with goodies that I wanted to make this year. I made one new cookie recipe. Le sigh.)

The problem with the image I had conjured was that I didn’t think about my husband who would come into the marriage with his own traditions and his own ideas about the holidays. Our first two years of marriage had us fighting about the holidays and his family’s demands that every holiday were to be spent with them. When we moved, we realized that we cannot make everyone happy and cannot make it every holiday. We also realized how unbalanced the holiday schedule has been; the last two Christmases we have tried to spend it with my parents, but due to outside circumstances, we have been unable to. Even though we won’t spend Christmas Eve with my parents, this year is the most time we will ever spend with my parents at Christmas in four years of marriage.

As a wife, I have two choices: get mad/ pouty/ upset or be grateful for the time I do get with my family. You see, when you pout, you are end up wasting the time that is meant to be enjoyed. Pouting clouds your vision and keeps you from recognizing blessings big or small. Waking up to the family’s 14 year old cat licking my face…small blessing. Dad making French toast…tasty blessing. I could pout, but instead I embrace the time I have and also realize how lucky I am. Many people do not have the luxury of seeing family during the holidays, and I am blessed that I have a good car and willing husband to drive over six hours and tour three states.

Holidays are also a good time to observe the practice of leaving and cleaving. Traveling to see family is wonderful, but you also have to take care of your marriage. We do a two week tour at Christmas because we no longer travel to see family during Easter and Thanksgiving. We have made our own traditions for those holidays. (Granted the first Easter, the oven broke, and we made the the entire meal using the stove top and grill!)

In short, no matter where you are, do not over look those blessings. Christmas is full of blessings as long as you willing to acknowledge them. Right now, sitting in my in-laws’ living room I am feeling blessed. In an hour we will be going to a candle light Christmas Eve service at the church we got married in and I cannot wait to reminisce about being how I was a bride four and half years ago. Then when I go to bed, I will be a few short hours away from a tasty lunch followed by hitting the road to see my parents again.

In short, count your blessings, especially during the holidays. Merry Christmas everyone and to everyone a Happy New Year!


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