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Reflections from the Under the Weather

I am sick. I have a wonderfully runny nose and cold chills. I feel awesome. So awesome in fact that I never got dressed or showered (a little TMI considering the new-ness of this blog, I know). I have made a hovel on the couch and indulged in the ultimate sick-day activity: watching trash TV. TLC seemed to know that I was sick and had an infinite loop of wedding shows on. Four Weddings dominated that loop. Four Weddings is a show where four women attend each others weddings and rate the weddings in hope of winning a honeymoon. They brides pick everything apart and say how much better their wedding will be. Thoughts are not given to after the wedding, except for drinks on the beach after winning the honeymoon.

These women were not thinking about the future and when they would get sick. How would their husbands react when they got sick and the house needed cleaning and the laundry was looming? Today lying on the couch I realized how lucky and blessed I truly am. I slept in while Trae went to work and when he got home, he made me lunch and washed the dishes. He made told me not worry about laundry and insisted that I rest today. And rest I did. He refilled my water glass and kept checking in on me. Before he went to job two, he made me wonderfully set up complete with a cat in my lap.

Today could have been a complete Vow day. Instead I think we both made it a Wow day (well as Wow as a non-shaved, non-showered person can be). Attitude is everything in a marriage. Trae could have been upset that he had to work two jobs today and I stayed on the couch. Instead he remembered that I had been working both jobs all week myself and he had this bug earlier this week. He took this chance as a way to show me that he loved me. I saw every refill of water as silent I love you from him.

As Proverbs 17:22 says “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.” When a spouse is sick, do not think of it as an annoyance, but a true chance to put those vows to practice.  Make your spouse’s heart joyful so he/ she  feels better sooner; be annoyed with your spouse and the undone laundry and that will only make your spouse feel worse. Some quick ways to make your spouse feel special and loved even when sick are:

  • if you are at work, call your sick spouse on the way home. Ask him/ her if he/ she needs anything. Maybe a milkshake or a bowl of soup.
  • Put your spouse’s favorite movie on and offer to watch it with him/ her
  • Get your spouse comfy: favorite blanket, maybe a childhood stuffed animal, water within reach
  • If your spouse is stressing about housework while sick, do a couple of small tasks like wash the dishes to show your spouse you can handle it.
  • Make sure your spouse remembers to take his/ her medication, but don’t be overly motherly about it!
  • Most importantly remember to make it a Vow moment.


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