Throw Back Thursday

Odd that my second post would be a Throw Back post since really I don’t have any posts to throw back from. Yet, in a way, I find a Throw Back post fitting. A large part of this blog consists of looking back at my three and half years of marriage and discussing the wows and vows of marriage.

One of the most important things I have learned during my marriage is not to wait for the wow days, but instead create them in everyday little moments. It is amazing how a little thing can change your whole day from a vow to a wow. One of my favorite examples of turning an ordinary day (neither wow or vow, just eh) comes for early on in our marriage.

My husband and I are very blessed by having loving friends and family. I was humbled and overwhelmed when the outpouring of love started to come in material formats, known as wedding gifts. One day a mysterious box appeared and it was filled with delightful pasta, a wedding gift from a friend who did a reading at our wedding and who I had also traveled to Italy with. The box contained chocolate linguine (wonderfully delicious with a raspberry sauce and home-made whip cream) and lime, mango, chili shells.

In the early days of our marriage back in 2010, we celebrated the little milestones. A year seemed like a far off, yet exciting milestone, so we celebrated little ones, which is an important to do for a marriage to keep it health. For our one month anniversary, we made lamb ragu and finished the meal by watching the wedding video as we slurped down chocolate linguine Lady and the Tramp style. The other pasta was going to be consumed on another special occasion. The occasion, however, never came. Six month anniversary brought steak and a mini-wedding cake dessert.

A Tuesday about eight months into our marriage came along, and I came home hungry and happy. We had left over chicken in the fridge and salsa in the pantry. The lime, mango, chili shells pasta was in a pot of boiling water in a matter of moments.


Sitting at the table with my husband made me realize we cannot wait for the special moments, because even the ordinary moments are extraordinary. In marriage, we must be willing to find the extraordinary,because the covenant of marriage is extraordinary. Couples stand up before God, family, and friends and promise to love one other for better and for worse. Promising to love someone even when that person is sick, depressed, or forgetful is hard and if we continually focus on the negative or wait to get dressed up in a cocktail dress to feel wow, then we miss the little moments that make a marriage. If we had been waiting for that “special day” that delicious meal would have gone unmade; the pasta would have still been sitting in our pantry. Instead, an ordinary Tuesday ended up being the perfect day.

What are other ways that couples can turn the ordinary into a wow?

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March 20, 2014 · 6:56 pm

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